Liberty Strategic Capital Fund Inc

Liberty Strategic
Capital Fund Inc

Liberty Strategic Capital Fund
Fund Depositary Bank

Sectors of Interest

We, the LSC – Liberty Strategic Capital Fund Inc., are an Investment Fund, operating in Europe and investing in several sectors in order to diversify the risk. In particular the sectors of interest are as follows, but others may be added in the future

Real Estate

Investments in real estate, such as the purchase of large real estate assets at discounted prices, renovations and resale at market prices

Tax and/or sovereign credits

Accepting credits from clients in cooperation with the collocator.


Investments in the agricultural sector, realisation of innovative agricultural facilities according to the latest technologies and standards

Precious Metals

Investing and Trading in Precious Metals

Building works

Designs, major building works, major renovation projects, etc

Industrial designing

Design and construction of plants for industrial purposes


Investment Opportunities in Concursive Sectors (Bankruptcy/Insolvence Procedures)


Investing and Trading in Hydrocarbons